Welcome to the home page of Wintonbury Farm LLC. Here you can find information about who we are and what we do, which most notably at present is production of shiitake mushrooms. Scroll through our pages to learn more about us, and about our fresh, forest-grown shiitake mushrooms. Use the Contact page or Email Us for more information.

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Busy Season!

So, turns out one of the challenges of starting this business and trying to keep up the website, on top of keeping up with school, sports and housework (e.g. “life”), is finding time to do all of it! It’s been a month since I wrote even a quick paragraph to the blog. So, a quick update on the … Continue reading Busy Season!

Early Mushrooms!

As we transition into Spring, we are seeing the usual crazy mix of cool, warm, wet, sunny, and sometimes (like yesterday) outright hot! We aren’t anticipating full production of our shiitakes until perhaps June, but we certainly are seeing a few early ones popping out. They mostly are showing a cracked pattern on the surface, which … Continue reading Early Mushrooms!

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