Busy Season!

So, turns out one of the challenges of starting this business and trying to keep up the website, on top of keeping up with school, sports and housework (e.g. “life”), is finding time to do all of it! It’s been a month since I wrote even a quick paragraph to the blog. So, a quick update on the farm activities: First, Richard and the boys have been working in the log yard making sure the logs are stacked and spaced, ready to go for production. Richard also put together a very nice, mobile fruiting rack for placing the logs on after soaking. Fortunately we were able to make this from materials we already had in the barn, including some 16-foot lengths of steel pipe from the old dairy operation, and some scraps of pressure-treated wood. We have continued to find lots of ‘volunteer’ shiitakes on the log stacks, so we know conditions are good for growing. Our first set of intentionally soaked logs went into the tank this week, and are now on the rack. It’s a short run, really just a chance to work out any kinks as well as get some sample together for our restaurant buyers. Starting next week, we plan to go into full production. Fingers crossed!!

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