Our Shiitakes

We grow fresh, forest-cultivated shiitake mushrooms. We work with locally harvested logs cut from live hardwood trees in the spring. The bolts are inoculated by drilling small holes and filling them with sawdust shiitake spawn, and then sealing the holes with hot wax. The logs are placed in a shady hemlock grove on our property to incubate for a year. We produce mushrooms on a regular schedule by “shocking” the logs with a cold water soak, which stimulates mushrooms to grow about a week later.

Why Wintonbury Farm shiitakes? Simple: wholesome deliciousness! Most of the mushrooms on the shelf at your local supermarket are some variety of the same thing:  white mushrooms, button mushrooms, baby bella, cremini, portobellas, etc . . . these are all varieties of the same species (Agaricus bisporus), just grown to different specifications. You may find some shiitakes on the shelf – but take a close look! Grocery store shiitakes are often mass-produced in a warehouse facility, then shipped, and the quality and cost reflect that. We love to share our forest-gresh shiitakes. We want our customers to enjoy the richer flavor, heartier texture, and greater nutritional value of forest grown shiitake mushrooms, cultivated in a fresh, natural, outdoor setting. And because we maintain sustainable practices in both the forestry and mushroom production sides of our operation, you are also supporting environmentally friendly, local agriculture.

If you’d like to try a free sample, or work with us to develop an exciting new shiitake product, we’d love to hear from you – Email Us!