Spring Break?

Spring break this week? Not so much! This is a busy time of year for shiitake production in the North Country. We are trying to get at least one bag of shiitake spawn done each day, which equates to about 26 logs. This can be a fairly tedious task, so we try to find different ways to make it fun, which mostly involve listening to music, or, as we discovered a couple of days ago, listening to Harry Potter audio books. We are presently about halfway through Book 1, hopefully we can get through inoculating by the end of Book 2. When we’re not inoculating, we are busy in the log yard laying out the newly inoculated logs and setting up a fruiting stand for last year’s logs, which will provide this year’s harvest. But, it is break week after all, and the kids have been working hard. So yesterday we went to Watertown for some skate-and-shoot hockey, and maybe we’ll make it to the movies this weekend as a reward for hard work well done.  In the meantime . . . back to the barn!